Month: January 2020

Photo by Richard Iwaki on Unsplash

Bento Life

It's a life of tiny shards, make it pretty.Meat, rice, vegetables, fish, sugar, spice.Everything and nothing is nice.The culmination inside another wistful dream.Compartmentalized for a fleeting moment.Consumed like fire in a pit.Corrugated cardboard container.Sectioned off and in manageable pieces.Been ready to walk the road for years.Should have turned left at…

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saint john of las vegas

Saint John of Las Vegas (2009)

What compelled me to watch the movie at CineVegas was Imagining Dante in Vegas: “Saint John of Las Vegas” Director Hue Rhodes. Having read Dante’s Inferno in-depth for Medieval English Lit, I was excited to see a modern-day interpretation of it on film.

For an indie film, a lot of familiar stars were in it: Steve Buscemi played the lead, John Alighieri. John is an ex-gambler and Las Vegas native who – down on his last bit of luck – makes a conscious decision to get away. He moves to Albuquerque, New Mexico as far as his tank of gas would take him to start a new life.

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I had been whinging at my best friend for a few weeks that I needed a road trip to clear my head. Visalia’s less than six hours away from Vegas, so I figured I’d get out of my routine and go to a junk show on Sunday. I booked a cheap but decent room (less than $100) for one night, down the street from the show. I decided to leave on Saturday morning.

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