Month: November 2019

Cast of Firefly

Something Familiar This Way Comes

Rating: PGCategory: Drama/Action/Suspense.Summary: A woman from Simon's past harbors a dangerous secret.Timeline: Mid-season 1.Disclaimer: Firefly belongs to Joss Whedon and Co. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. The sun shone brightly on the homestead, tucked safely away on Gardenier, one of the many border planets. A beautiful young woman looked out of her kitchen window, decisively deciding to spend the day outdoors, enjoying the beautiful day. "Callie, Mama wants to go for a walk," Menley Rose said to her young daughter. "Bring Muffin. We could all use the fresh air." "Yes ma'am," she said politely. Securing a yellow bonnet on…

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A picture I took of a train outside of the Clark County Museum, Boulder City, NV

Slanted Suitcase: Clark County Museum

I decided that it was high time to get out of my creative rut and take myself on an Artist's Date. If you're not familiar with them, I highly recommend getting to know Julia Cameron's Artist's Way (paid link). I will suggest that book till kingdom comes; I don't even care. I chose the Clark County Museum in Henderson, which is about 30 minutes away from Vegas. It's on Boulder Highway, around the corner from my alma mater, NSC. I haven't been down that way in years, but I still remembered where to go. Funny how that works. What's great…

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catfights and spotlights era sugababes

Catfights and Spotlights by Sugababes

Originally published December 30, 2008 What I liked most about "Catfights" were the little stories that each song told. Rather than being an all-encompassing theme speaking about fame or their relationship with each other (as implied by the title), each piece was unique. I was sad to learn that they won't tour "Catfights" because some of these songs would play well in live shows. But I guess the album sales weren't much to write home about, and they're going to push through for the next album. Which is silly. Because "Catfights" is what "Change" should have been. I also hate…

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Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos

Bless the Child

Rating: RCategory: Drama/Action.Summary: What happened when Bill Vaughn kidnapped Nadia from the KGB?Timeline: Prequel to the entire series, but written after the events of episode 3.21, Legacy.Disclaimer: Alias belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, Touchstone Television, and related entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. "I have to do this," William Vaughn told his partner Brill resolutely. "Bill, you're out of your fucking mind. So you're going to kidnap a child from the KGB?" "Yes." Bill was wringing his hands, pacing the floor, in the CIA safe house. "Everything is in place. And the girl that I'm taking from them,…

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Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Tutorial: An Intermediate Guide to Social Media Hashtags and How They Work with Examples!

You’re here because you're someone who has a brand that encourages you to be active on social media, or you're biting the bullet and building yours from the ground up. If you’re like me, you post most of your content from your phone on the fly. Many big brands (and small ones, too!) use programs that allow them to post on a schedule. My favorite is Buffer (not an affiliate link). If you’re a one-person shop, don’t stress yourself and wonder if you need to have scheduled posts. You don’t. You've got enough on your plate! Whether you like it…

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My picture of Mandalay Bay and THEhotel

Mamma Mia (Mandalay Bay)

Originally published August 26, 2008 I wasn't sure how they were gonna fit all the Abba songs into Mamma Mia with the information that I knew about the show beforehand, but they did it! And it was really good! Seeing those Abba costumes was a trip. I really had a good time. If you're familiar with the movie, then you'll be able to follow along pretty well. You won't be too lost. Obviously, there were songs lost in translation, but that's okay. With all creative mediums, interpretations are done with precision.

A Pet Shop of Horrors/The Invisible Man (2000) crossover

Pet Shop of Horrors: Whistle

Rating: PG-13Category: Humor/Action/Drama.Summary: Claire begins to question her worth as a human being when the Agency is pawned off on the FBI for a most unusual case.Timeline: Mid-season 2.Disclaimer: Pet Shop of Horrors and The Invisible Man characters belong to their respective entities. Made-ups are mine and mine alone. Claire Keeply had been thinking about men more and more, especially since that New Year's Day. Another sad night spent alone, she had watched as couples left bars arm in arm with silly little smiles on their happy faces. She had drowned her sorrows, burying her work in the lab. She…

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