Month: October 2019

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69 Financially Conscious (Okay, Cheap) Date Night Ideas

Taking your significant other out on a date is a fundamental part of getting to know one another. You’re testing the waters, and you want to know if they’re into the same things you are. People change significantly when thrown into social situations.

Take me, for example, I avoid them at all costs, and I have to pump myself up to do anything where there are loads of people. What I remind myself is that I’m the NPC in these other people’s lives, as they are in mine. What they do doesn’t affect me.

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flowers that look like the pretty. odd. album cover

Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the Disco

Originally published August 26, 2008

The album – as a whole – sounds like lukewarm renditions of songs we’ve heard before. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh. It took a long time for the album to grow on me, and I prefer it more than their later releases.

The tracks that stick out the most to me are “Nine in the Afternoon (Radio Mix),” “Mad as Rabbits,” and “She’s a Handsome Woman.”

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Tutorial: Send and receive external emails through Gmail

One of my favorite features of Gmail is the fact that you can send emails from your other accounts without having to log in to them separately. I like to have vanity emails for all of my different projects. It helps me to categorize where my mail is coming from for all of my different domains, of which I have a fair few!

My fanlisting emails are sent to and from Any email sent to is forwarded to my Gmail account. When I reply to those emails, it appears as though it comes from and not Gmail, yet utilizing Gmail’s intuitive interface.

I have a filter so that any mail sent to gets sent to a specific folder within Gmail. It skips the inbox and archives automatically, which has allowed for maximum productivity. More on that at the end.

Most free email providers have eliminated the option to add additional emails as well as reply from them, or they charge for such a luxury. If Gmail does that, I’m jumping ship. I’ve faithfully been using Gmail since the beginning when they were doing invites.

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