Some sort of crossroads

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I’ve been busy with my other sites that I’ve been neglecting Raconteuse, and for that I’m sorry.

On the writing front, I received recognition as a “special selection” for 1 of my poems from Helen for the 2019 Helen Stewart Poetry Award contest. No, I didn’t win a cash prize but it warms my heart when my work is still recognized. The poem they chose – Las Sergas de Esplandián (The Adventures of Esplandián) – is a poem I wrote about California. My childhood, my adulthood, and that messy space in between. And yes, I will be participating in the reading, once I hear more about it.

Sunday Blues is so shiny. I want to stare at it all day. I got approved for 2 kill-for fanlistings this week. Waiting on responses from a few apps too. I swore I was getting out of the fanlisting game but they keep pulling me back in. I have no self-control.

It doesn’t help that I’ve found a new way for people to submit their info. Enthusiast has finally kicked the bucket and became deprecated with this last PHP upgrade. I found a nifty little plugin called Participants Database. I’m obsessed with it. My plan is to write a tutorial on how to use WP multisite to power a fanlisting collective, using this plugin, among others.

Now that I’ve sorted out the domains for WP multisite (speak of the devil), I need to get Writeropolis Industries up and running. I keep coming up with new ideas for Writeropolis, and I keep having to tell myself to chill, haha. I should probably get the site up so that people know what I’m trying to accomplish with it. I walked back on the digital literary journal concept. I didn’t feel motivated about it at all. But, when I did that, fresh ideas came through to replace them. I’m eager to see them play out.

Me, taking on my tasks this week

That is my plan, in between finalizing any details with the pending fanlistings. And barring any new approvals. It’s nice to commit my thoughts to paper.

Actually following through on everything is the real shit.

love, peace, and adobo grease, Guilliean

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