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I decided to shake up the limitations of NaPoWriMo and share some of the first poems I ever wrote in between the fresh original material that I’ll be generating this month. What a lovely throwback to the poet I used to be. She was a little mixed up about her feelings and working to find her place in the world. I hope that she’s happy with how I’ve tried so hard to make her proud over the years. I wish I could go back in time and tell her the journey that waits for her as a writer and poet. I’m getting all mushy!

With full, white wings - 
	I cry sad tears - 
	but I hold my fears - 
	against the wear and tear of the years.

Are you an - angel? 
Am I already - that gone?
I only hope that I - won’t disappoint You.

The rain - falls on Me - on You
as it washes away - the makeup - 
The Oil - that crap on Your Face. 
It shows Me - who You really are - 

Can You save Me? 
Are You My guardian Angel? 
Do You Want To Be?

Will You guide me through the ages - 
tears for fears - I always say - 
will You hold Me - when I need You to,
will I hold You - when I want to. 

But if I told You - I Love You - 
would You still be My angel?
My savior, my forgiver, my Punisher - 
I give You my Heart, love - completely - 
if you are ready to give Me yours. 
tree branch