Season 1 Episodes

  • Episode 1: “Unveiled

    Harry finds something quite unexpected in Hogsmeade, Sydney finds a clue to her past, which leads her to England.

  • Episode 2: “Questions and Answers

    Sydney finds some answers, but gets more questions in return and Harry gets a surprise in his Care of Magical Creatures class.

  • Episode 3: “Crossroads

    Buffy meets Sydney in unusual circumstances and Angel calls upon an old friend to get some valuable information.

  • Episode 4: “Intervention

    Angel finds a contact to get into Hogsmeade and Sydney gets a surprising intervention.

  • Episode 5: “Confessions

    Harry gets an interesting proposition, Angel makes an appearance in Hogsmeade, and Snape finds a surprise in Sydney.

  • Episode 6: “Shades of Grey

    Sydney requests a transfer to MI5, Hermione jumps to conclusions, Buffy and Angel introduce Harry and Ron to the joys of vampire slaying, and Draco resents the reappearance of a sibling.

  • Episode 7: “Ashes to Ashes

    Buffy and Angel learn some unexpected news about Cordelia from an unlikely source, Cordelia delivers a message to Angel about Harry.

  • Episode 8: “Culmination

    It’s a race against time as Buffy and Angel try to find out what happened to Harry. Sydney makes a shocking discovery in London.

  • Episode 9: “Revelations

    It’s a race against time to save Harry and Anastasia before it’s too late. Angel ponders the prophecy and the Alliance is formed.

  • Episode 10: “Dangerous Liaisons

    Sydney and Snape go on their first date only to have Sark ambush it with an intriguing proposal.

  • Episode 11: “Old and New

    Anastasia goes to therapy, Draco’s put into a dilemma and Buffy calls an old friend for help.

  • Episode 12: “The Prophecy

    Angel tells the others of the Prophecy, but resistance from Hermione makes him call in an old friend. Xander dispenses some advice to Anastasia and Harry begins the healing process.

  • Episode 13: “Realisations

    Sark enlists Draco for double agent duty, Sydney discovers a secret about her mother that will change her life forever, and the Alliance decodes Angel’s prophecy.

  • Episode 14: “All Around the World, Part I

    Sydney, Buffy, Angel, and Wesley go to Argentina in search of a piece of the prophecy, Xander teaches Hogwarts how to kick ass.

  • Episode 15: “All Around the World, Part II

    Anastasia saves Harry’s life, Buffy gets into trouble, and the Malfoys pursue the Passenger.

  • Episode 16: “Rescue Me

    The Malfoys manipulate the Passenger, Severus and Sydney grow closer and Xander gives some much-needed advice to Draco.

  • Episode 17: “Whatever It Takes

    A petty theft brings the Alliance and its allies to a screeching halt, Otrere learns the value of family, and Willow and Hermione join forces.

  • Episode 18: “Let’s Motor

    The men of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy descend upon Hogwarts, Sydney and Nadia bond, Otrere grows closer to the Hogwarts Scoobies, and Snape agrees to aid the Alliance against his better judgment.

  • Episode 19: “Homecoming

    Otrere has one chance to come back to life, Anastasia sneaks out of Hogwarts, and Sydney and Severus grow closer with each passing day.

  • Episode 20: “True Colours

    Alexander Darcy comes to Hogwarts, Severus, Sydney, and Angel infiltrate the Malfoy Manor, and the charity fashion show commences.

  • Episode 21: “The Fashion Show

    Harry and Anastasia share their first kiss, Lucius and Narcissa make temporary amends after Lucius discovers another Book, and Harry, Ron, and Xander spy on the girls’ post-fashion show sleepover with disastrous results.

  • Episode 22: “Everything to Everyone

    Harry recovers from his last Voldemort vision, “Hagrid” betrays Hogwarts, and three allies of the Alliance of Destiny are kidnapped.

  • Episode 23: “Face to Face

    The Alliance of Destiny trade the Books for the hostages, Angel and Lucius battle for supremacy, and Peter Pettigrew shows what he’s worth.

  • Episode 24: “Until the End

    The season finale of the Alliance of Destiny. Anastasia and her parents reach a middle ground, Harry donates money to a worthwhile cause, Otrere spreads her wings with Xander’s help, and Sydney and Nadia say goodbye.