The Alliance of Destiny: A Virtual TV Series (2003)

“The Alliance of Destiny, a group formed through mutual agreement. Protecting a boy whose destiny was a cruel twist of fate, and its members gathered through circumstance and honor.

To say more about this secret organization would mean death for the informer and the informed. Although, its members try not to kill, their secrets must not fall into the wrong hands.

They live their normal lives, and never speak of their work outside their assigned meetings. A vampire slayer, a secret agent, and a young boy destined to kill the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

They are united by their mutual goal of ridding the world of Voldemort.

But fate once again intervenes as they learn a surprising secret from a vampire with a soul, who could be the savior of mankind or its downfall. It is up to his former lover to persuade him to side with them, but  Voldemort uses their secrets to his advantage.

And now Angel could lose his soul forever and destroy mankind in one fell swoop, or he can fight and complete the Shanshu prophecy he needs to live a normal life with the love of his life, Buffy.

Sydney Bristow has no memory of the life she led before the Alliance of Destiny. She comes upon the Wizarding World following up on a lead from her past. Her attachment to the Boy Who Lived and her intellectual mind advance the causes for the Alliance in ways they never knew were possible.”

Season One

Season Two

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