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The Red Shoes (1948)

I fancy myself an armchair movie critic, so I will be reviewing films of all shapes, sizes, and genres with my sui generis perspective. OpenCulture has Martin Scorsese’s 85 films every aspiring filmmaker needs to see. Although I am many years removed from such an aspiration, the critical analysis of movies and filmmaking is something I never stopped doing. I figured I would incorporate a few of them into Silver Screen Sundays as I go along, which I will also call Scorsese Sundays when I review something from his list. I’ve seen quite a few of them already, but not enough! Luckily, The Red Shoes was screened on TCM as part of their Oscar winner series they run annually, and I managed to catch it. The movie won for Best Original Score and Best Art Direction, and was nominated for Best Picture (Hamlet won), Best Original Screenplay (The Treasure of…