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Top 10 Objectives for Writers

Post 3 of 13 This list is for my fellow writers, on our worst days when we think too hard about the business side of things. I know I get like this sometimes. It just stabs its way into my heart, and I don’t know what I’m doing. Ignore your inner critic. Write first –…

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What VDAYSUX post did I enjoy last year?

Post 2 of 13 My favorite post from last year’s VDAYSUX is Ten interesting facts about myself. Most of it remains true. I mean, I’ve changed a lot in the past year, but not enough to cancel out who I’ve always been. Building on my favorite post from last year, here are 12 more facts…

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#VDAYSUX 2018: An Introduction

Post 1 of 13 Welcome to the inaugural post for 2018’s VDAYSUX, a blogathon. So, what’s a blogathon? Basically, a reason to post for a continual window of time. Last year, I did 24 hours, but this year, I’m doing 12. Let’s get started!

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Spice Up Your Life

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Spice Girls have reunited! Well, at first, they were saying it was just about bringing girl power back, because Lord knows we need it. Now, they’re saying they’re either releasing new music, or touring their greatest hits. Or both. I, for one, am excited beyond measure. I…

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Winchester (2018)

I fancy myself an armchair movie critic, so I will be reviewing films of all shapes, sizes, and genres with my sui generis perspective. I saw Winchester last Monday after work, so I’ve had a few days to nosh on it. I had been keeping up on the press for it since it was announced.…

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Sponsored Posts for #VDAYSUX

Guess what folks? It’s that time of year! My second annual blogathon will debut on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. From 8am-8pm, I will be posting every hour on the hour on Hello Salvation. I’m taking inquiries for sponsored posts as well. All slots from 8am-8pm are open! What are sponsored posts? They’re a way for…

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Best Year Ever 2017: Mixtape

I’m ending 2017 strong, and today, it’s my end of the year mixtape to close out what has ostensibly been a very weird year. The songs were pulled from my profile. In case you’re just joining us, the Best Year Ever mixtape is a nine year tradition. I went back and tagged my previous…

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