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Hello there and welcome!

Welcome to the Docket, a web directory. It's rare to find someone who maintains their own website, and we celebrate that here.

We've all gravitated to social media. But with the ease of use from social media, we sometimes forget that if you didn't buy it, then you're the product.

It's time to bring it back to the webmaster who takes the time to maintain a site of their own, and support your fellow site owners in their endeavors.

We support topics that run the gamut. They are Arts and Humanities, Beauty and Health and Fitness, Business and Finance, Computers and Internet, Digital Services, Dining, Education, Entertainment, Fansites and Fanlistings, Family, Home and Garden, Hospitality, News and Politics, People and Society, Pets, Real Estate, Recreation and Sports, Science and Technology, and Shopping.

If your site can fit under one of these categories, then I want you to stop whatever you're doing and join the directory today.

If you want some extra exposure, consider joining the Rocket.

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