Best Year Ever 2018: Books

So, I didn’t beat my Goodreads challenge this year, boo! Did you? Add me on Goodreads, and let’s follow each other’s progress next year. Here are the favourites that I read for 2018: You Play the Girl The Princess Diarist Let Me Tell You The Last Black Unicorn

Best Year Ever 2018: Photographs

Here’s a few of my favorite photographs that I’ve taken in 2018. Top left: Janelle Monae at the Pearl Theater in Las Vegas Top right: High Energy Survival Candy at the Tulare County Museum Middle left: Artist’s Date to the Clark County Museum Middle right: A visit to Zak Bagans’ Haunted Museum Bottom left: my dog Jack Bottom right: my Lego build of the Silent Mary from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End that I did with my boyfriend

Best Year Ever 2018: Posts

Wow. I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me after all this time! I have to say that after some deep thinking, I came to a few realizations. One of them is to stop procrastinating. I also follow a lot of inspirational type, go-getting, #bosslady entrepreneurs. I was hoping it would inspire me, and they do in a way, but I can’t understand how they make it work. And by osmosis, how I can make it work. They’re only showing the results; not the hard work that they’re putting in. They’re always so glamorous, doin’ it for the ‘gram, and junk. That’s not me. I have a full-time job. I’ve got student loan debt up to my eyes. I’m getting my financial situation in order. I don’t buy lattes and I wear the same clothes I’ve been wearing since I graduated grad school two years ago. Get the fuck…

#VDAYSUX: Closing Address

Post 13 of 13 Another successful blogathon comes to an end. I hope you enjoyed this little foray into creativity for me. I enjoyed creating the content, and sourcing the media, and just being able to post consistently. 2017 was completely bonkers for me, so doing VDAYSUX meant cleaning the slate, buckling down, and making the time to do what I love. I hope you’ll continue to follow me on this crazy creative journey of mine. I hope you’ll see my hopes and dreams unfold the next year, for many years to come. It’s gonna be a doozy. I hope to see you next year too. Same time, same place. And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

33 Ways to Stay Creative

Post 12 of 13 Sometimes, it’s hard to figure out how to stay creative. Us creative folks easily say, “I make things, yay!” But maintaining that vibe all the time seems like a job unto itself. This list has been helpful to me over the years, and I hope it’s of some use to you too. Make lists Carry a notebook everywhere Try free writing Get away from the computer Be otherworldly Quit beating yourself up Take breaks Sing in the shower Drink coffee/tea Know your roots Listen to new music Be open Surround yourself with creative people Get feedback Collaborate Don’t give up Practice, practice, practice Allow yourself to make mistakes Go somewhere new Watch foreign films Count your blessings Get lots of rest Take risks Break the rules Do more of what makes you happy Don’t force it Read a page of the dictionary Create a framework Stop…