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Citizen Girl

This book chronicles the working escapades of Girl – unnamed because I am assuming the authors want us to know that she could be anybody, i.e. you and me. We follow her after graduation from college, subsisting in the Big Apple, and falling into the unemployed life that is predestined for us liberal arts geeks.…

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Olivia Joules & The Overactive Imagination

Olivia Joules is a freelance journalist for the Sunday Times. She has been asked by her editor to cover a fabulous Hollywood makeup line launch party. While there, she ends up catching the eye of the sexy Pierre Feramo, who may or may not be an Al-Qaeda terrorist. What follows is her adventures around the…

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Summer of My German Soldier

Patricia Ann Bergen is a 12 year old Jewish girl living in wartime Arkansas. I guess it was customary to send POWs to America during World War II. I have never heard of such a policy before. But the author, Bette Greene, based it on her childhood in the South. So I assume she actually…

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“Twilight” is everything that I thought it would be, and more. And what I thought was that it was horrendous. The language feeds into its young adult target audience, Twilight Moms notwithstanding. Basically I went into reading it knowing it as fanfiction, and it read like that. My opinion didn’t change when I finished it.…

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Me & Mr. Darcy

American bookstore ninja/Darcy fangirl runs into Mr. Darcy in modern times on his own turf. Hi-jinks ensue. It’s amazing the impact Jane Austen has had on literature, how many times her story lines have been retold and redone even today. I’m not a hopelessly obsessive fangirl, but I do recognized her significance to literature and…

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