Mia Maestro as Nadia Santos

Bless the Child

Rating: R Category: Drama/Action. Summary: What happened when Bill Vaughn kidnapped Nadia from the KGB? Timeline: Prequel to the entire series, but written after the…

The Christening, Isabella Rossellini as Katya Derevko and Cassie Steele as Apple de Los Santos

The Christening

Rating: G Category: Humor/Suspense Summary: Sydney meets an old friend of Carrie’s, who is connected to her ways she never thought possible. Timeline: Mid-season 3….

model Kim Smith as Amelia Christophe

Amelia in the Afternoon (Part 2)

Rating: PG-13 Category: Drama/Action/Suspense Summary: Sydney and Amelia go on their first and last joint mission together. Timeline: Late season 1. Disclaimer: Alias belongs to…