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Pretty. Odd. by Panic at the Disco

I got the deluxe edition of Panic at the Disco’s “Pretty. Odd.” from iTunes the night before it was released. I got an automated email from iTunes saying my preorder was ready. I dunno why they unlocked it, but I wasn’t about to complain! When it leaked on MTV a few nights before, someone ripped…

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Me & Mr. Darcy

American bookstore ninja/Darcy fangirl runs into Mr. Darcy in modern times on his own turf. Hi-jinks ensue. It’s amazing the impact Jane Austen has had on literature, how many times her story lines have been retold and redone even today. I’m not a hopelessly obsessive fangirl, but I do recognized her significance to literature and…

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Mystere (Treasure Island)

Mystere was amazing. It was a dress rehearsal, but there weren’t any accidents or anything during the show. There was so much going on that I didn’t know what to focus on. The comic relief was seamless, and clearly there to help fill the time in changing sets.

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