Are you participating in the write_on 2019 Challenge?

If so, let’s trade letters!

April is National Letter Writing Month. I discovered the 30-day Write_On challenge on Instagram a couple of years ago. You write letters for 30 days to 30 people. Simple enough, right?

But… what is it?

We started the Write_On campaign in 2014 with our friends, our families, and our fans to help boost our letter writing output, hoping to create a habit by doing so. We quickly found that the benefits and the power in handwritten correspondence reinforced our need to write, that connecting with others through letters was central to our wellbeing, and we were hooked.

write_on campaign website

Who can say no to that? I’m all about keeping the USPS in business, even if my best friend A would tell you otherwise!

So, if you’re participating, shoot me an email with your address.

Send Me Love!

You can use my business address to send me correspondence:

Guilliean Pacheco

304 S. Jones Blvd. #3574

Las Vegas, NV. 89107


I’m glad I stocked up on letter writing supplies after the first go-round. I’ve got loads of kawaii blank letter sets that are going to be sailing around the world soon enough. Plus, I finally get to use my complimentary NetStamps from

I’m excited to stop, carve time out of my day, and send a letter in the mail to my friends, family, and complete strangers. There’s nothing better than looking at our caffeine-addled, mixed-up world and saying, not today, Satan. This requires a handwritten letter to someone.

I hope you’ll join me!

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