Why I Chose the Animal Foundation as This Year’s Charity Recipient

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I learned a lot about my blogathon last year. I had hoped to do sponsored posts – which was basically me pimping cool people and their products out – but I think the term “sponsored posts” put people off. I may bring it back next year in another way. I also didn’t promote it as well as I should have. So I decided to stop begging people to participate and do my own thing.

This year, I’m asking for the readers of VDAYSUX2019 to donate to the Animal Foundation. They’re an animal shelter here in Las Vegas, Nevada, and they do a lot of great work. I adopted Jack from one of their Henderson PetsMart adoption centers.

If it wasn’t for them, Jack never would have come into my life. I’m sure of it.

I lost my dog Simba a few months before. It was torture coming home to an empty backyard. So, I waited until my Ma was in town so that she could look at dogs with me. She always chose our family’s pets, and she has excellent taste.

We walked around the kennel a few times. We weren’t vibing with anybody. I was frustrated, but I refused to leave without a dog. If I didn’t get a dog that very same night, I might never get a dog. I wasn’t sure I could put myself through that emotional rollercoaster of trying to adopt.

Then, Ma pointed out this sleepy black ball of hair in the back of a kennel. He never even paid us a bit of attention, until she said, “what about that one?”

I asked the staff to bring him out.

There was something in his eyes. I can’t explain it. To this day, I’m still unsure of why I chose him. He was the only dog we saw that night. We scooped him up hella quick. Apparently, he had been delivered within the last day or so, so they didn’t even have time to groom him. He really was a ball of hair!


We got home and I ran him into Dad’s room. Dad melted as soon as he and Jack met. He had been adamant about not getting another dog, but Jack worked his magic.

In time, we got to know each other. If I hadn’t brought Jack with me to grad school, then I most certainly would’ve self-destructed. He kept me going, kept me on an even keel. I learned that he was a Nor Cal baby like me – Folsom for him, Oakland for me – and that our birthdays are a week apart. September 18 for me, September 11 (spooky!) for him.

I ran a successful birthday fundraiser that donated to the Animal Foundation this past year. Facebook was clearly looking for brownie points with their users. I figured, what the hell? I had nothing to lose. I donated a bit, and urged my friends’ list to do the same. And they came through! 1 of my colleagues actually donated the remaining funds to meet my goal before the deadline. I’m so grateful their money went to a good cause.

So, that’s why I selected them as my chosen charity recipient.

The Animal Foundation is NOT – I repeat, NOT – sponsoring VDAYSUX in any way, shape, or form.

It’s the exact opposite; I’m just a humble blogger, gently cajoling my readers to donate money of your own accord, haha. If you have it in your heart to slide a few bucks their way, then please do.

And let me know. I’d love to give you a shoutout here on the blog, or even on Instagram or Twitter.

You’re not obligated though. Feel free to read the entries as I publish them today. There’s no pressure.

But, if you do, please carry in your heart that there’s a Jack waiting for their Gilly at the adoption center and that they were taken care of until they found each other.

love, peace, & adobo grease, Guilliean

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