Singles Awareness Day

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I must confess that I’m not much of a holiday celebrant.

They’re just another day to me. The magic of any chirpy holiday was lost on me by the end of elementary school when I stopped getting thoughtful gifts and began receiving gifts from the gift closet.

You know, the gift closet. The ones you keep on hand to make sure no one feels left out because you weren’t expecting them to show up because you stopped putting them on your gift-giving list ages ago.

Then, I started working in hospitality. That meant being open for regular business hours, come rain or shine. It also meant holiday pay. Who am I to turn down extra money? So, I’ll eat leftovers in the comfort of my own house long after the party has ended. Sounds like my kind of night!

I never let the bastards get me down though. You can ask anybody; I’m a generally cheerful person. I did the whole brooding teen thing, and I outgrew that into the well-adjusted introvert you know and love today.

I also compartmentalize a LOT… but that’s to be discussed another day!

Fact of the matter is I don’t wait for holidays to come around to treat myself or my loved ones. If you want something and I can buy it, it’s yours.

So, in jest, I would celebrate Singles Awareness Day from time to time. It’s not a federal holiday, so no extra pay. The love that was floating through the air was fake, but I never rained on anyone’s parade. If you think candy hearts and cheap paper decorations and bouquets of flowers that are going to start wilting in two days time bring you joy during this time of year, then you do you, boo. Don’t look to me for gratification or reassurance. It is what it is.

This year, I have a Valentine. Someone I never saw coming.

I had mentally prepared myself to be alone for the rest of my life and I was content. I have Jack. I’m keeping an eye on my parents. My bills are paid. I take myself on road trips from time to time. I have my health. I know where I want my career to go.

Then, I met him. With his infectious smile and warm hugs, I played it cool. I fell in love though. I knew right away. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans we’ll be getting into over the years. We were made for each other.

Not once did I think I wouldn’t have to celebrate Singles Awareness Day again.

But, I’m conscious of it since it’s that time of year.

So, to anyone who thinks that they’ll be alone, keep your eyes and your heart open. The universe may surprise you.

Before I go, I wanted to check in with you and see if you’ve sent a little lettuce over to the Animal Foundation. They’re a deserving charity that does good work here in Las Vegas, if you missed my prior entry on them.

love, peace, & adobo grease, Guilliean

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