Best Year Ever 2018: Posts

Wow. I bet you weren’t expecting to hear from me after all this time! I have to say that after some deep thinking, I came to a few realizations. One of them is to stop procrastinating.

I also follow a lot of inspirational type, go-getting, #bosslady entrepreneurs. I was hoping it would inspire me, and they do in a way, but I can’t understand how they make it work. And by osmosis, how I can make it work.

The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with someone else's highlight reel.
The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.

They’re only showing the results; not the hard work that they’re putting in. They’re always so glamorous, doin’ it for the ‘gram, and junk. That’s not me. I have a full-time job. I’ve got student loan debt up to my eyes. I’m getting my financial situation in order. I don’t buy lattes and I wear the same clothes I’ve been wearing since I graduated grad school two years ago. Get the fuck outta here with your toothy white smiles and all that “selling an image” bullshit.

This site? This is me, in all my unmade up glory. As it’s always been. I’m not doing it for the views even though I have a lot to say. This is my story. And I haven’t even started writing it yet!

So, I’m starting fresh. Let the 2018 series of Best Year Ever posts move me onto the next stage.

And in no particular order… my top ten (which is really eight but I haven’t posted in forever so my stats were a bit wonky) posts of 2018:

  1. My review of my trip to see D23’s Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives at the Ronald Reagan Library
  2. A review of Miss Janelle Monae at The Pearl Theater on the Dirty Computer 2018 tour
  3. A poem entitled less than thirty minutes.
  4. My movie review of The Last Witch Hunter.
  5. My review of my first (and currently, only) attendance of an AWP conference.
  6. The last batch of missions I visited before I moved back to Vegas after grad school: Mission Santa Clara, Mission Santa Cruz, Mission San Juan Bautista, Misson Soledad
  7. The first installment of the #ManifestMondays series that I plan to jumpstart in 2019: i’ve become a caricature
  8. A spur of the moment weekend trip to a junk show in Visalia.

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