Spice Up Your Life

If you’ve been living under a rock, the Spice Girls have reunited! Well, at first, they were saying it was just about bringing girl power back, because Lord knows we need it. Now, they’re saying they’re either releasing new music, or touring their greatest hits. Or both.

I, for one, am excited beyond measure.

I missed their last reunion tour, and Heaven help me, I refuse to miss it this time around. If it’s true.

To celebrate, I built up a playlist of my favorite Spice Girls songs. Click the album titles to purchase from Amazon.

  1. Wannabe, from Spice: obviously.
  2. Say You’ll Be There, from Spice: this was a tune when I heard back in the day. It still plays well today. And that video? Classic!
  3. If You Can’t Dance, from Spice: the Digital Underground sample was insane to me! And the rapping in Spanish by Geri “Ginger Spice” was a cherry on top.
  4. One of These Girls, B-side to 2 Become 1: I remember hearing them perform this a cappella for one of their American TV specials.
  5. Spice Up Your Life, from Spiceworld: the multicultural sound is a banger.
  6. Stop, from Spiceworld: I love how experimental they got with this album overall, but Stop is a favorite because of the Motown sound.
  7. Move Over, from Spiceworld: their Pepsi endorsement used this song for the campaign, and Pepsi actually reused the beat for a future generic campaign, that’s how catchy it is.
  8. Christmas Wrapping, B-side to Goodbye: the original by the Waitresses is lovely, and I love the chirpiness of the Girls’ version.
  9. Holler, from Forever: their “grown-up” sound was never more evident than in this release.
  10. Weekend Love, from Forever: I love the story they wrote with this song. It’s so sexy and simple.
  11. Goodbye, from Forever: I honestly thought they were breaking up when they chose this as a single. I didn’t want them to end. But like they constantly remind us, friendship never ends.

Do you have a favorite Spice Girls song? Let me know in the comments!

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