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Sponsored Posts for #VDAYSUX


Guess what folks? It’s that time of year!

My second annual blogathon will debut on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. From 8am-8pm, I will be posting every hour on the hour on Hello Salvation.

I’m taking inquiries for sponsored posts as well. All slots from 8am-8pm are open!

What are sponsored posts? They’re a way for me to get the word out about you.

If you have a website, book, podcast, movie, blog, creative project, product launch, store, etc. that you would be interested in having free (that’s right; FREE) marketing for, let me know via my contact form.

Give me as much information you can about your project. The more, I have to work with, the better.

If you have specific content you’d like me to use (words, images), please include it in your message or where I can download the assets.

Granted, I do have standards so if you submit something I don’t ethically or morally agree with, I will politely decline.

Why participate?

  1. It’s free. All posts on VDAYSUX will be available in perpetuity.
  2. Free promotion on all my social media forever and ever – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  3. A new fan! If I like what you’re selling, I’d love to support you in your future endeavors.

Sound food? Excellent! Let’s connect as soon as possible!

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