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I’m trying to recall
How it felt to have
A country home in your arms

The scent of your cologne
Blinds the fiber of my being
A party as the world ends

The beat of your heart
Unsweetened lemonade
On the tongue of my skin

I used to excite your molecules
False oxygen in your brain
Fired by the microwaves of touch

Is there a space for me
at your table for two
I make coffee for you

in the A.M.
Like you were real
Like you’re not in my bones

Wear not my crown, the one I bought you
To hide your gray hairs
That I didn’t mind as much as you

Eighteen months later
Love heart like water into the gutter
Echoes on the empty McMansions

Slinging profanity, vain words
Of the love and devotion
I used to feel, about us

About you, you selfish cunt
When all I wanted was you
That’s all I ever wanted.

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