Trouble in Paradise by La Roux

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This is La Roux’s sophomore album, released a little over 3 years ago, last month. I was prepping for grad school, and was starved for new La Roux music.

I had kept up with the trials and tribulations that Elly and Ben had suffered through to get this album made, and knew it would be worth the wait. However, their problems became indicative of every band with a popular début: egregious display of the inevitable sophomore slump.

But Trouble in Paradise shows no slump at all. It’s solid, through and through. Compared to their self-titled, I prefer the laid back, breezy, sexy vibe that Elly was shooting for with this LP. I think she nailed it. It’s the perfect summer record. When you listen during the colder months, it’ll put you in the mood for summer to come around again.

It’s too bad she and Ben ended up parting ways. I’d love to see what La Roux 3 would’ve sounded like with both their brains in the mix.

True, there were more ear worm bangers on self-titled like In For the Kill, Cover My Eyes, and Fascination that have never left my playlist since I first heard Bulletproof.

Trouble presents a cohesive sound that could be classified as trop pop. I feel like self-titled was purposefully experimental with every track, like they were pushing the envelope regarding what they could do to each song sonically.

So, it’s 3 years later, I’ve finished grad school, and I’m dying for new La Roux music again.

Please, stop making us wait, Elly! We miss you!

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