Say hello to Hello Salvation!

writeropolis announcement

I’m happy to announce that Hello Salvation is alive.

When I was searching for a unique name for the Facebook page to reflect my writing life, I couldn’t come up with a good name. I used some name generators, and stumbled upon writeropolis. Writer to reflect what I do, and then opolis reminded me of Metropolis, arguably the first science fiction film in 1927, and one of my all-time favorite movies.

I slowly came to realize that I should embrace it more deeply. I had a desire to separate my personal life from my brand, which some writers don’t need to do. But I looked at how I was evolving professionally, and wished to make a clear change. I changed my social media handles and bought this domain name in quick succession. will continue to exist, so long as Hello Salvation does, as I have important email addresses tied up in the domain. Plus it looks cool when it says from on my emails, haha. I threw up a one-page template on the domain as a stand-by.

My short-term goals are to keep generating content, so I’m trying to rev myself up to go on Artist’s Dates so I can write about them.

I have some big plans for September (my birth month!), so subscribe to my mailing list to find out more about it. I’ll be dropping hints as I develop and flesh my ideas out more.

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