May 2017 Roundup

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This month I am starting a new thing: a roundup. A roundup can mean different things for a blog. Maybe it’s a call to action from other bloggers regarding a question posed by the hosting blog. Maybe it’s a list of the blogger’s favorite posts from other bloggers. The roundup is a variation on the latter.

A roundup is a list of the most popular or my favorite posts from the past month. This will always be a good place to start or perhaps get you acquainted with what I offer as a blogger. I hope you enjoy and let me know in the comments which post in the roundup was your favorite from this month.

  1. Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey featuring the Weeknd: my writeup of Lana Del Rey’s new single.
  2. Dance Even Though the World is Falling Down Around You:
    a FreeVerseFriday poem about powering through the bad times.
  3. Bellagio, San Gennaro Feast, Heart Attack Grill, The Mob Museum: my trip report when my best friend A visited Vegas.
  4. The Crashing Tide: my look back on my MFA thesis.
  5. Hard Times: a Spotify-inspired mixtape.

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