Let’s Talk About Pop Music! featuring Emma

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Let’s Talk About Pop Music! is a mixtape theme where I showcase album tracks and deep cuts of my favorite pop artists.

This week’s artist is Emma (Bunton), AKA Baby Spice. Like most children of the 90s, the Spice Girls were a force of nature. No one had ever really come around before them and since then.

My favorite memory was when I first discovered them. My best friend exposed me to “Spice” and I was like, “a girl group? What is this? I’m too cool for that!” Then she lent me the CD and the rest is girl power.

I believed everything they sold me, and to this day, their Chupa-Chups branded lollies are some of the best lollipops I’ve ever had in my entire LIFE. I bought a handful of them at F.A.O. Schwarz (RIP) here in Vegas, years before we moved here. I inhaled them before I left the store!

I vacillated my love between Posh and Baby as my favorites, depending how dangerous or angelic I was feeling at the time.

“Spice World” is a fantastic movie that still plays well today, come at me, bro.

My first arena concert was Spice Girls at the Thomas and Mack Center. I even have the ticket stub still! Check it out!!

Spice Girls at the Thomas and Mack Center, 1998
Spice Girls at the Thomas and Mack Center, 1998

Each Girl’s career has varied over the years. They deserve all the success they’ve worked for. I’m kind of surprised that Emma hasn’t tried to make more albums. She has three to her credit at the moment, though many more guest appearances and she has written for other artists as well.

I am going to limit myself to 11 tracks because if I didn’t, I would include her entire back catalog. There isn’t anything I don’t like of hers. She is a solid artist. I tried to choose a handful from each era. The evolution from each album feels organic to me. “A Girl Like Me” was her most poppy, her take on the sixties vibe on “Free Me” was refreshing, and then “Life in Mono” was her finding her footing with the sound she was flexing with “Free Me.”

  1. Spell It Out, from A Girl Like Me
  2. What I Am, from A Girl Like Me
  3. Let Your Baby Show You How to Move, B-side to We’re Not Gonna Sleep Tonight [UK CD]
  4. Eso Beso, B-side to Crickets Sing For Anamaria [UK CD1]
  5. So Nice (Summer Samba), B-side to Crickets Sing For Anamaria [UK CD1]
  6. Free Me, from Free Me
  7. No Sign of Life, from Free Me
  8. Take Me to Another Town, from Life in Mono
  9. Undressing You, from Life in Mono
  10. Midnight and Martinis, B-side to All I Need to Know
  11. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, from deluxe edition of Life in Mono

Click the links above to purchase the songs through Amazon. Thank you for your support! These tracks can also be found by searching on YouTube.

And I open it up to the studio audience: who is your favorite Spice Girl? Or, do you support when members of your favorite group go solo? Let me know in the comments!

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