Blogathon Roundup

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VDAYSUX was a 50/50 success.

The pro is that I actually finished it. I was fearful that I would fail. I was mentally hyping myself to stay awake for the 24 hours, but by 11 pm (which is about the time I go to bed), I couldn’t be arsed to keep my eyes open. In order to keep my time as preserved as I could, I set an alarm on my phone that would go off every hour. In between alarms, I would examine the back of my eyeballs, as my parents would say. Hearing that godforsaken alarm going off into the wee hours of the morning was not fun. When I do this next year, I will choose a more arbitrary date and not on a greeting card industry created holiday. Furthermore, I will cut it down to a 12-hour blogathon. That I could handle.

2 cons I came across:

  1. I received zero active engagement from my blog or social media channels. I presume it to be because I’m a relatively “new” voice in the new blogging world. I’ve been blogging since 2003 though. I know how the game works. But I haven’t been professionally blogging for long, and it’s a whole new world for me. So I will spend this next year forming better relationships through networking in order to make 2018’s blogathon a success. Despite this setback, I had a lot of fun, pushing myself to write something every hour.
  2. Server downtime. A power glitch at the datacenter in Atlanta brought my server down for a couple of hours. Of all the things I planned for, THAT was not one of them! As I reported during the blogathon, I made entries in Google Keep and simply posted them when the site came back online.

Overall, it was an exhausting mental challenge, trying to come up with something new to say 24 times even though I had said something an hour before. I knew this was coming and tried to use a 30-day writing challenge I had saved a few years ago. It helped a bit but I wasn’t inspired to write on the topics provided. So I seriously did a quick Google search for fresh ideas. That helped. Having the ability to fall back on pictures helped keep the content generation fresh for me too.

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