Unsolved Mysteries

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I’m confident that my love of the oddities in life stems from this TV show. The complete first season is on Amazon Prime and I powered through it within a week or so. It’s dated, for sure. There was 1 episode that talked about the Satanic Panic of the 80s and the “evil” game, Dungeons & Dragons. That theme song still sends chills down my spine. What is sad is that some of the mysteries on the show truly do remain unsolved after all these years. Hearing “update!” is the best. But there are many more people who don’t have the closure. 

I’m sure I was born weird, but it inflamed my eventual love of telling stories that are off their rockers. The Twilight Zone is up there too. A more modern show that I consider an inspiration is Mysteries at the Museum. 

But as much as I love writing fiction and the ease of revisable manipulation that comes as part of the creative process, sometimes the stories they air are nothing that would hold a candle to the horrible things that we commit against each other. But to temper that, there is also wonderful things that we all experience together. 

This thing we call the human condition is so lovely and ugly at the same time. It makes me grateful, if anything, that no matter what I write, nothing I write will be as twisted and beautiful as the real thing. 

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