Phineas and Ferb

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I’ve never been so energized by a cartoon than when I watch Phineas and Ferb.  When it first started airing, I was hesitant to watch. Then I think I saw the rollercoaster episode on repeat, and fell in love. It never talks down to kids but it’s mature enough so adults can enjoy too. 

I bought a full sized Perry the Platypus plush that chirps when you press his paw. I couldn’t find an Agent P so I figured that was the next best thing. I have a bunch of official albums, one of the first shows I bought an official soundtrack for. Their music is so catchy. My favorite song is “Everything’s Better with Perry” from the “Across the Second Dimension” TV movie soundtrack. 

I needed a mental health day from work a few years ago, and I chose Platypus Day to do it. I stayed in bed, vegged out, and watched the marathon of Phineas and Ferb on the Disney Channel that day. It was the best day ever. 

I was so bummed when they moved to Disney XD, because I don’t subscribe to it. Then I was sad when they cancelled it. Thankfully the creators Dan & Swampy moved on to Milo Murphy’s Law, which is a worthy successor. 

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