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I touched base with my host and they are trying their hardest to bring the server back. Technical issues are not fun, but that’s life when you host your own site, I suppose.

So with all my free time (haha, weeps), I’ve been ramping up my knowledge on email marketing. I’ve subscribed to the email newsletters of a ton of people I admire and have been inspired to improve my own email marketing. Like they say. social media is fleeting, but email newsletters are forever.

I currently host my mailing list with MailChimp, and their UI is so refreshing. Email newsletters are so intimidating but they truly make it easy. I’m fairly advanced with my web design skills, but there are things that I want to be done that I can’t translate into code with my brain. MailChimp knows what I want and delivers.

I’m currently taking the 2017 Email Marketing Master Class provided by AWeber. Don’t tell MailChimp! It’s been a huge wealth of information. They’ve been touching on stuff that has been on my mind, but I never really had the time or inclination to focus on. Now that I want to take the business side of writing more seriously, I need to build my audience. So I’m trying to learn everything I can and extrapolate it to my own needs. It’s been fun.

To some folks, I can see why they would be let down. It’s intimidating. But the thing about it is, not all of it applies to your situation. Take what you can from it and move on to the next thing. Don’t obsess too much. You could say that about anything in life, though!

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