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With the installation of a president I do not support and women on seven continents protesting said installation who I stand with, I turned inward to my own journey and what it took to get me here.

Sometimes we forget to take care of ourselves. We’re so concerned about what is going on outside, in the news, and in our neighbor’s yard that we often never stop to say, “what about ME? What are they doing that affects ME?”

Today I am here to tell you that it is okay to be SELFISH. Take care of you first. Something doesn’t feel right, you just can’t shake that cough you’ve had for weeks now? Go to the doctor. Have some spare time, even just ten minutes? Go outside, enjoy the sunshine, take your dog for a walk.

I bet you’re like the many people I know and love, and you’ll logically talk yourself out of it. It sounds perfectly rational in your head, so then you never follow through.

“Oh. I could be doing something else with those ten minutes. I could be answering email, I could be dusting. Nah, I’m good.”

“Yeah, I could exercise, but then I’d have to get up earlier. Plus I’d have to bring a change of clothes because I’d need to take a shower after.”

“One more slice of pizza. Can’t hurt me.”

“This cough? Nah, it’s fine, my throat is ticklish, that’s all. A little water will help.”

We tell ourselves so many little white lies to justify what we believe is right. I’m here to advise you to turn your rational voice off, especially when it comes to your own self-care journey. Of course, not every journey is an easy one. So start small. I recommend reading more.

One way I have done that is by subscribing to email newsletters that offer free or discounted ebooks. I used to be anti-ebook. I swore up and down that reading a physical book trumps (ha!) reading it on a screen. But then I bit the bullet and bought a Kindle on sale a couple of years ago. It’s so much easier to cart around 100+ books and to change them on a whim. If I don’t feel like this book, I can switch it up to something else with a flick of my finger.

There’s been a lot said about traditional publishing vs. electronic publishing vs. audiobooks. It’s a constant discussion in the writing world. I’m not here to advocate for one or the other. I am firmly in the camp that if you’re reading, you’re a reader. We shouldn’t shame each other about who reads what, or how.

Here are my recommendations for daily book newsletters. There are many, many more, but I’ve noticed that some of them do overlap. To me, these are the cream of the crop. Every day, even if the deals overlap, there will be others they showcase that the other newsletter doesn’t. They all generally support Audible, Kobo, Nook, Kindle, Android/Google Play, and iBooks, but you definitely want to check before you subscribe if you’re partial to one or the other. None of these are affiliate links.


BookBub has always had a consistent and solid selection based on the options I chose. Their list is quite elaborate, ranging from Supernatural Suspense to Time Travel Romance to Christian Nonfiction. When you open an account, you can modify at will what deals you get everyday. Their website is the best when it comes to modifying your deal preferences.


Bookgorilla is a relatively new newsletter that I have subscribed to. They show preference for publishers who compensate for their attention. That’s a little weird to me, but then I also realize that curating these lists are not easy. They’re time consuming. So I guess a little compensation isn’t too much to ask for. It’s hard to modify the topics that you subscribe to though. Plus the newsletter seems aesthetically busy to me.


Bookperk is sponsored by HarperCollins, so they tend to promote their own authors first. I think other publishers should do the same. Modifying your preferences is a little complicated.

Early Bird Books: affiliate link
Early Bird Books

Early Bird Books is the top of the list for me. They were one of the first I signed up for when I was searching for daily deals. They make it a point to offer one freebie at the bottom of their newsletter, and I’ve scored a ton of classics. Today, I scored “The Overcoat” by Nicolas Gogol. I’ve picked up French detective fiction, a Charlotte Perkins Gilman anthology. Some really good stuff!


I have been a happy user of Goodreads for years now. They only began offering a daily deals newsletter within the past few months. Since they are in their infancy, their offerings aren’t as fleshed out as Early Bird or BookGorilla, for sure. They do make it easy to choose what they send you, which is always useful. To subscribe, simply log into your Goodreads account > Account Settings > Deals.

Readers: where do you get your books? Do you prefer ebooks or physical?

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