Come & Get Your Black Heart: A 2016 Mixtape

2016 has been a crappy year. Lots of good things happened to me, but my personal joy was overshadowed by everything going on in the world. I wish I could ignore everything that did happen (presidential election results, Aleppo, the spike of celebrity deaths, Orlando, among many other things) but that’s not how I was built. I have heard it put forward that everything that happened in 2016 is the new normal, and 2017 will be more of the same. I hope I’m prepared! It’s been a doozy.

On that note, here are my top 10 tracks from 2016, continuing my long tradition of sharing the list before the end of the year.

Come & Get Your Black Heart
Come & Get Your Black Heart
  1. Disclosure — Good Intentions (Featuring Miguel)
  2. Britney Spears — Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortés)
  3. Redbone — Come and Get Your Love
  4. Carly Rae Jepsen — Black Heart
  5. Little Mix — Black Magic
  6. Dr. Dre — Talk About It (featuring King Mez & Justus)
  7. Rihanna — Bitch Better Have My Money
  8. Hailee Steinfeld — Hell No’s and Headphones
  9. Zendaya — Heaven Lost an Angel
  10. Grimes — Kill Vs. Maim

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