Diamond, Babe

My end of the year mixtape for 2015, featuring the top 15 tracks I played incessantly over the year.

Good music doesn't have an expiration date
Good music doesn’t have an expiration date
  1. Play (Featuring Sampha) – Katy B
  2. Les Sex – Kylie Minogue
  3. I Don’t Care- Cheryl
  4. Favorite (featuring Jeremih) – Nicki Minaj
  5. This Side of Paradise (Lost Kings Remix) – Hayley Kiyoko
  6. Throwback – Cheryl
  7. No Problem (featuring Flinch & My Name Is Kay) – Diplo
  8. Express Yourself – N.W.A
  9. Control of the Knife – Girls Aloud
  10. Anaconda – Nicki Minaj
  11. Bitch Better Have My Money – Rihanna
  12. Under the Sun – Cheryl
  13. Loose Wires – Kenna
  14. Feeding the Fire – Hayley Kiyoko
  15. Let’s Not Be Alone Tonight – R5

Author: Guilliean Pacheco

Filipina adjacent. Cinéphile. (Bad) Feminist. INFJ. Mélomaniacal. Polymath. Raconteuse. Tsundoku.

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