Last Exit to Vegas: Songs From and Inspired by the Short Story Collection

Last Exit to Vegas

Once upon a time, one of my writing professors gave my class writing prompts. Writing off the cuff is always good. She noticed that the prompts seemed to skew towards Vegas. Write what you know; I know Vegas. I intend to return at the end of my program.

I had my ear to the ground for almost 10 years, having worked in various resorts on the Strip in different roles. I always listened to what my friends and family had to say about their lives in Vegas. I kept them in my head. Some of their stories are in the collection, albeit heavily fictionalized. I really have a love/hate relationship with the place, but it’s home.

The collection itself is still a work in progress, but I feel so strongly about it that it will be completed in the next six months. It will be called “Last Exit to Vegas.”

If you don’t already know, music is a massive part of my creative process. I will always find a song for the right mood, at any time of day. This mixtape reflects the overall theme and tone of the collection. Listen to it on shuffle for maximum effectiveness.

Last Exit to Vegas
Bellagio fountains
  1. Androgynous Girls – Girls Aloud
  2. Black City Parade – Indochine
  3. Build God, Then We’ll Talk – Panic! at the Disco
  4. Can’t Feel My Face – The Weeknd
  5. Constellation of the Heart – Kate Bush
  6. Electric Feel – MGMT
  7. Express Yourself – N.W.A
  8. Farewell to the Fairground – White Lies
  9. Feeding the Fire – Hayley Kiyoko
  10. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2
  11. Just Got Paid – Johnny Kemp
  12. Lay Down in Swimming Pools – Mutya Keisha Siobhan
  13. Let Me Entertain You – Shakespears Sister
  14. Loose Wires – Kenna
  15. Movement – Katy B
  16. Sam’s Town (Abbey Road Version) – The Killers
  17. Skin Trade – Duran Duran
  18. Touch It/Technologic – Daft Punk
  19. Twilight Zone – Golden Earring
  20. Vegas Skies – The Cab
  21. Wondaland – Janelle Monáe

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