Train him for the games… let him hope for a while… and blow him away


I’m hard at work writing the last half of Electric Angels, a story I hope to put into my short story collection for my graduate thesis. I’m down to the wire as it’s due tomorrow, technically. I really hate procrastinating but I work better under pressure. Don’t judge me!

Instead of a regular entry, today I give you with this: Tron premiered on this day in 1982

In 1982, before laptops and DVDs, before multi-gigabyte hard drives and the World Wide Web, there came the silver screen computer world of Tron. Tron tells the story of Kevin Flynn, a brilliant young video game programmer for ENCOM, who discovers that Ed Dillinger, in an effort to boost his own career, has stolen Flynn’s programs and claimed them as his own. In his diligent efforts to find evidence regarding his stolen games, Dillinger’s Master Control Program, the MCP, tries to stop Flynn and blasts him into an electronic computerized world. Aided by Tron, which is actually a security program written by Dillinger, they try to destroy the MCP, escape and return to the “real” world. Tron created quite a buzz by being the first film to extensively use computer-generated images and to completely generate a three-dimensional world on the big screen. Later in 1982, guests aboard the Disneyland People Mover attraction heard the pre-recorded spiel interrupted with the words, “Warning! You have invaded the electronic realm of the Master Computer Program. Prepare for the game grid of Tron!” As their vehicle progressed along the track and into a tunnel, they would soon be surrounded by projections of racing “light cycles” within the cyber computer-generated world of Tron. – D23

Tron is such an amazing film. It plays well today and only feels dated because of the fact that we live in a Tron-like world now. All of our films and games are computer generated. It was truly ahead of its time. It’s a scary thought to think we could pass into a computer world and be taken over. I love the journey both heroes go through in the two films. I’m big on the family theme. I use that a lot in my own work so I could definitely relate to that when I watch the movies.

I’m super disappointed Disney decided not to go forward with the third movie. I think there’s still a story there. I really wanted to see how Quorra was able to cross over into our world. I had hoped they would explore that. In fact, they implied that’s where they were taking it when you watch the final scenes. Also, I hoped they would bring back Tron (the character) somehow. I refuse to believe he died as Rinzler in the Sea of Simulation. I truly believe he was able to let go of the Rinzler persona and become Tron and somehow survived. I know he did!

I leave you with a piece of music from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack that bridges the gap between Tron and Tron: Legacy. Pay special attention to the title of this blog post as you listen. 😉

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