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I noticed in the last couple of days while doing my thing here that the site would load incredibly slow and then Firefox would randomly redirect to MySpace or I freaked out. All sorts of things started running through my mind: my site’s been hijacked, what plugin didn’t I update, my computer’s got a virus, Firefox’s got malware. I went down the checklist for clean-up. I eliminated WordPress as the evil one because I always update when prompted in my dashboard and my plugins are updated to the most recent versions. I removed a random toolbar from Firefox I don’t remember downloading. That didn’t help. I ran a MalwareBytes scan; no joy. Thank god for Google because I did a quick search and it turns out SiteMeter is the culprit. And it’s been reported as early as June of last year! I feel like an ass, exposing my visitors to that for over a year.

What I liked most about SiteMeter is that it would email you weekly about how many hits you were getting. That was a nice report to get every week. But then the hit counts were lower and lower, like 1 or 2 a week. I had assumed it was because my content wasn’t being updated as regularly as I would’ve liked. So that’s why I started taking blogging seriously. I wanted those hits to go up again!

I’ve since moved onto Google Analytics. I spent a good chunk of time last night removing SiteMeter from all my sites and embedding the Analytics code. I’m glad it was something as simple as removing the (admittedly dated) coding for SiteMeter. Deuces!

I’ve been putting off getting a library card here in San Jose because I’m still (technically) a resident of Vegas. My future plans preclude me from surrendering it. I wanted to apply when I first moved over, but I misread the website for applying. I thought you out and out had to be a resident to get a library card. But a few bullet points below it says:

Bring Proof of your Current Address in California, such as a California Driver’s License, paycheck, or piece of mail postmarked within 30 days.

Herp derp, my paystub has my Cali address. I’ve got 30 days to go pick up my card.

The reason why I decided to look into getting one again is that they’re opening a branch of the library near me very soon. It will be so easy to pop over and check out physical books, or get some fresh air, cool down and write and study in a place that’s not the room I rent. Getting to the location is the easiest thing in the world. I walk that distance with Jack everyday!

I’m debating on whether or not to apply for a library page position there, if it becomes available. I need a second job to survive out here. I can’t deny that any longer. I bought an app called Balance – the Simple Checkbook Register so I could perform my vigilance on the go. I had a really nice free Balance app back in the day, but the creator never updated it. It ended up not being compatible with a version of the iOS software so I deleted it and went on my way. I tried to replace it with YNAB but y’all know how that ended. I could technically live on my salary in Vegas. I’m barely squeaking by out here.

But the best thing about the library card is the Discover & Go program that’s offered. It provides “library cardholders with free and discounted passes to local museums and cultural institutions.” Imagine a super happy face right now because I’m stupid excited for this. It’ll be the perfect source for Artist’s Dates for me. I wish we had something like it attached to our library system in Vegas.

Due to the generally mild weather in San Jose, the house wasn’t built to have air conditioning. I don’t know why the builders didn’t think ahead. Of course, we’re going through a drought at the moment, so when it gets hot, it gets HOT. It makes for a very uncomfortable experience when it’s 95+ outside. I got heat rash when the heat wave came through the other day. So gross. 95 here is nothing like 95 in Vegas but still, it’s yucky. The humidity will drain your batteries quick. The only bad thing about popping out to the library is that I couldn’t take Jack with me. I know he could use some air conditioning occasionally.

We both have our own ways of dealing with the heat. He hides under the bed in the darkest, coolest part of the room. Lucky bastard. I’m stuck having to sit dead center in between the box fan I keep in the window, and the ceiling fan above. Being in the crossfire of both makes it tolerable during the hottest part of the day.

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