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Inside My Head

I found another freewriting piece. I think the prompt was to write an entire story with a clear beginning and end only on 1 page. It was an exercise in limiting yourself to a small space. It was for my humor class as well. We could choose any topic, and I chose the topic I was most comfortable with: the secret agent world.

I went through the Farm like it was a candy store. Top marks. My psych evals showed great temperament. Marksmanship? No scope, bitch. I trained hard. I got sent Over There because of my gift of tongues. I was thrilled. It didn’t occur to me until later that I was leaving my family behind and I might not come back. TDY was my rote answer. They didn’t question it. It wasn’t like they had the clearance. We shut down a money laundering scheme from a certain enemy of the United States operating There. Can’t say more than that. Sorry. For my hard work, I got “awarded” a desk job. My cunning linguist skills were needed to translate any and all reports coming up over Echelon. I could feel my physical talents grow fallow. The guys at the gym noticed. It got back to my superiors. Went through a refresher course. Fails across the board. I lost my swag. I’d never seen so many red marks on a redacted report. Went home and cried like I lost my dog. The powers that be believed in me. They sent me abroad again. Something was different. I could feel it even as the agent scanned my passport of the woman with my face but not my name. I was pleased that my reflexes were quick. I saw the muzzled gun blast in the shadows of the Burj Khalifa. I feigned death. I always was a great actress. It was almost too easy. Whomever this guy was, he wasn’t very good. He didn’t do a very thorough investigation of my supposedly dead carcass. No double tap. He sent proof to Them and buried my body in the desert. I let my training take over. Was buried for 12 hours before I thought I was safe. I went underground. I wasn’t mad they eliminated me. My name would go on their wall of fallen heroes. My family would get a nice funeral and the American flag for the mantle. If anything, it freed me to find a better version of me, one that wouldn’t fail. Their mistake.

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