Boyz II Men (The Mirage)

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I meant to post this yesterday but I was so chilled out, I conked out before I could! haha

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Saturday, I had a pancake breakfast to support my niece’s softball team. Then Jack and I went to the vet, where we found out he might have an infection in his left anal gland. Poor guy. We’ve been going to the vet pretty regularly over the last month or so, monitoring his anorexia, and the antibiotics they have him on say to make sure he takes it after a good meal. But if he’s not eating, I’m not gonna force him to take the meds. I’ve taken antibiotics on a semi-full stomach and the cramps were horrendous. I’m not gonna do that to him. For the rest of that day, Jack and I took turns taking naps and hanging out. I went to bed quite early on Saturday night, about 10p. I didn’t even get up from the couch, just passed out. I was all comfy. I was like “why go upstairs to bed?” Cue lazy ass comment. ūüėÄ

I woke up reasonably early on Sunday and made my favorite breakfast: pancakes, mimosas, and oven baked bacon. What can I say? I LOVE pancakes lol. I took a hot shower, and I updated the playlists on my iPhone. I was so relaxed from the shower and the mimosas that I basically passed out on my futon again. Jack was on one side; me on the other. But I kept stretching out so Jack was like “deuces I’m out” and hopped off to sleep on his bed. I got woken up by my sister to try and figure out if we were gonna eat before the Boyz II Men show. I got to their house at a reasonable hour, with us 3 drivers squabbling on how to get to the Mirage in one piece. We got there early enough but the restaurants were looking full, so we went to Starbucks for snacks. And for the girls to drink the Twix-like cappuccino drink that I guess is circulating around online. We also saw the volcano at the Mirage, which is a definite improvement when I saw it around 2005-ish.

It was my second time seeing Boyz II Men, but the first for my sister and my nieces. We had a blast. They put on an amazing show. But like most shows like that, if you didn’t grow up with that music, you probably wouldn’t enjoy yourself. I sat next to a guy who was a total Buster Keaton the whole night: the Great Stone Face. I wanted to nudge him and be like “bro, you’re at a BOYZ II MEN CONCERT. SHOW A LITTLE JOY!!” Whatever. The set list was basically the same, but the patter was a little different so that’s good.

We went to IHOP after for dinner. Mmm, sirloin tips.

Got to bed at a reasonable hour. Problem is, I was still so relaxed from this weekend that coming into work and all of its various levels of stress from 20 different corners made me sad. After lunch, all I could think was “I need a nap.”

I’ve eliminated caffeine from my diet, which I think might be contributing to my overall slowness. I drink orange juice for breakfast, sometimes milk if I’m having cereal. Lunch is Crystal Light flavored water. I’m addicted to the cherry pomegranate flavor. Yum. Dinner is usually V-8 Fusion if I’m eating at home, or I’ll splurge on Sprite if I’m getting fast food for dinner. But if I drink a Crystal Light energy packet at lunch, I can usually make it over the hump of the day. But I don’t want to become dependent on that jolt like that.

I’m glad I was never addicted to coffee. I know I’d be hurting something bad right now! Not gonna lie, I love the smell of coffee. Reminds me of my childhood, waking up every morning and knowing Mom and Dad were having their morning joe. But the taste does nothing. I actually drank some of my nieces’ Twix cappuccino and… whoa. I definitely felt it.

But there’s only so much smart eating you can do before exercise needs to fill the gap. I still haven’t figured out how to put it into my new schedule. I’ve had my new shift for awhile now. The problem is I’d rather sleep than exercise. I know what I need to do but I never, ever do it.

I fail at my life. I wish I could trade it for a new one!


  1. humaira_kh

    Aw honey, I totally get it. It’s sometimes easier to sleep a little more rather than exercise, but at least you’re making changes in your diet, so really proud of you hun!

    • Guilliean

      Thank you! I don’t really have a goal but I do feel better, overall. I still haven’t figured out why you can’t post regularly. Still working on that!