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In an effort to clean up my Facebook, here is a story I wrote on Friday, June 19, 2009 at 10:35pm. It has been referenced by my friends as one of their favorite stories of mine.

So… I’ve been in a funk lately. Really, extremely anti-social. Hating that I am alive and hating the world. I know, is the sky blue or what? I’m always mad at the world for one thing or another.

Today is my Friday. My first real Friday in FOREVER. I got paid today. And an early out. I will cry when I see my paycheck next pay period, but I’ll take it. I just want to curl up and die.

I went and saw “The Hangover” solo; great movie, great story… though a little forced and perhaps cliched at times. But that’s what ppl think Vegas is all about. I’m gonna make movies that tells you about the unglamorous side of Vegas. Which means they won’t play well because the hype is SO much better than the reality. That bugs me, and rightly so.

Anyways, after stopping to get some food for dinner, I pull up at the stoplight for my house. Something moving on the median catches my eye. I realize it’s a butterfly. The randomest insect you would ever find out here, lol, but we do have butterflies occasionally. I can’t believe it’s still around, but it might be telling of the weather. It’s been pretty mild lately. It barely hit 100 today. And it’s already the end of June!

I have my windows open because the sun is hiding behind a cloud and I can handle the late afternoon heat. There’s a funky little breeze that was coming through, and I wanted to enjoy the last vestiges of the bizarro weather.

I’m thinking to myself as I wait for the light to turn red, “It’s gonna fly up in here and freak me out.” I don’t mind bugs, but I don’t like things flying in my face, haha. Go fly somewhere else.

Anyways, I’m listening to the music on my phone coming through the speakers, and keeping my eye on the light when the butterfly decides to fly into my car.

Of course, right?

It freaks me out only because like I said, I don’t like things flying in my face, as benign an insect a butterfly is. It lands on my chest and I look down at it. It was orange with single white spots on each wing. I thought it was a monarch, but no. I don’t want to hurt it, so I try to nudge it towards the window.

Instead, it smacks itself around (it looked disoriented, if you can believe that), and lands in that little space between my seat and the door.

I think fast, making sure the light is still red.

Its wings look like they were pounding hard, as I unlock my car and try to shoo it out. It freaks out from the movement of my hands, but does find its way out eventually. Just as I’m finished up doing that, the light has already turned green.

D’oh! I shift out of neutral, shut my door and step on the gas to meander my way home.

Then I stop and think to myself, “Why would a butterfly fly into my car?” You can be a heartless bastard and think, “It was just a random occurrence, Gill.” But it wasn’t.

In my family, butterflies are good luck. On a deeper level, we believe that butterflies are relatives that have passed, coming in to check in on us.

I don’t know who visited me, but I do have the faith to know that it is someone who is looking out for me up there in heaven. I know they came to me as a butterfly to let me know that everything will be alright. That this is just a temporary funk, like they always are. How do I know this? It’s called belief.

When we had our family reunion in Pearland many moons ago (early 2000s methinks?), halfway through the celebration, a butterfly flew in. This was the family reunion when me and AJ danced the Tinikling, if you remember that story. I’ll post the picture soon. Anyways, for getting confused and flying inside a building, it was so calm you could hold it on your hand.

Me and my cousins who were around my age were in awe. The aunties were like, “good luck! good luck! Don’t kill it!”

We decided then that it was Grandpa Gemmo coming to say hello, checking up on us and making sure we knew he was watching us from heaven. We released it outside, and it went on its merry way.

That was my day today. How was yours?

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