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Like back in the day, all these emotions make me numb
Time has lost all sense of propriety
Food tastes like the ghost of a cloud
I miss you, and I don’t know what to do
Everything is blurred, crumpled like foil
Tossed into the bin like yesterday’s news
I can’t resist looking out the window
Hoping to see you there

I wish I had more time, to hold you close, to cry
My memory of you is mucked up
No matter how hard I try
Not sure how to move on
Other than pretend to smile
Fake it ’til I make it
Plaster on that mask put on my armor
Moving senselessly like the Queen on a chessboard
I want freedom from the pain.

I bite back those tears
when I hear your song on the radio
Or any ballad, sad instrumentals, at this point
Burning tears pierce my eyes like the nails on His cross.
I wish I was there so that you didn’t leave this world alone
Wish he told me the moment he thought you wouldn’t make it
So many wishes left unfulfilled in the short amount of time

I hope to heal my damaged heart soon enough
Undertaken so many beatings these almost thirty years
I promise that you’ll live on
In that broken corner of my soul
With everyone else, I’ve lost.

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