End of Days

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At the end, I feel like treading on old ground
Where the screaming silence is the only sound
My heart was forgotten in the lost and found
I cannot get much more profound

True love’s kiss is only a few inches away
The sylph of my dreams for future days
Playing my days on the promenade
Purple haze is like a loaded grenade

Looking back, on my life and times before
My legs for days are victims of the postwar
Consciousness drags me back through the French door
How sad and lonely on the dance floor

They say not to live for the future, to stay in the present
But I find myself sliding, down, knocked into a descent
I know that my life is not one hundred percent
Run ragged by my rich inner torment

My melody runs like a river of sound
Farewell to the fairground
All I wanna do is eat bonbons, lounge around
The road to El Dorado is paved with gold
Goodbye yellow brick road

There are so many things that I would like to speak
The words in my heart sometimes sound like ancient Greek
I have no qualms about my lack of mystique
I shall love you forever and always, eight days a week

My voice will transcend
I don’t recommend
I shall re-offend
Please try to comprehend
Belief, you must suspend
I guess this is the end.

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