Land of the Living

1 min read

People walk on, tears dripping from my lashes
They don’t even flinch, cut me, leave behind some gashes
I need a kind word to get me through
Mediocrity makes my brown eyes are so blue
All I can do is double over and cringe
And fantasize about a life less ordinary

I want to run to you with open arms
But it seems like so much work
For such little payoff.
Those temporary highs,
Fleeting moments of bliss,
Come crashing down like London Bridge.

The pursuit of dreams is so expensive
So I remain static and unyielding.
I’m trying to stay on the offensive
The land of the living remains unyielding.

I hate when people say to me
That everything has its time
And that mine is yet to come.
Maybe it’s time to say: tag you’re it,
I can’t let go or forget.

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