What new thing did you begin this past weekend?

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Funny you should ask! I exercised for the first time in the new year. Snerk.

I was jumpy on the way home from work yesterday. It was the combined cocktail of happiness at getting through my day, and the Rock Star I had for breakfast, and the awesome music I listen to on the way home. Instead of eating and passing out like I usually do, I changed into my workout clothes and did my thang on Wii Fit Plus.

It had been well over 42 days since I exercised. I let the holiday blues get the best of me. I punished myself by going a full hour, though. I’m used to doing the Wii Fit routines 3 at a time, but not going any more than 30-35 minutes a session. I played a few of the balance games for 30 minutes, then went another 30 using the Wii Fit routines.

I slept like a baby, though. No dreams, but all the way through the night. Pretty good. I woke up today and I was slightly irritable, but it eventually went away when I finally kicked my brain into “work” mode about 2 hours into my shift, haha. Shh, don’t tell anyone. I came home and went another full hour. Yeah, I was dying halfway through, but I did it! My reward? Something I can’t mention in all seriousness. But it was a bodily reaction to the two continuous days of heavy duty exercise if ya get me.

However, I feel amazing. I can feel the start of a six pack! That’s bananas. I’ve never had one. I was a skinny Minnie when I was a kid, but puberty did me no favors by filling out my curves. Thighs from hell, flabby arms. Gonna keep plugging away and see how well I can get this ol’ lady body of mine into shape!

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