How do you feel about not finishing a book once you’ve read a few chapters?

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I honestly don’t have the attention span to read a book all the way through. I know, I have a degree in English literature. Unfortunately, embracing the so-called multipotentialite aspect of myself (before I even knew such a term existed) has changed the way I read, period.

Sitting still is an impossibility to me. Actually, it always has been, even when I was a kid. I don’t watch a lot of TV, because it means I’m not moving. I’ll eat in front of my TV, do my nails, play on my iPhone. The only time I’m not doing an activity is when I am curled up under my covers and taking a nap. Even when I do something as simple as walking, some part of my body – whether it’s my head, my hands or my legs – is actually dancing to the music in my head, or the music on my Heartbeats. While I am not particularly a party animal, I get cabin fever if I stay in my house for too long. I’ll find an excuse to leave my house for any reason. I always feel like there’s something to be done. When I’m at work, I am constantly straightening things up, fixing things that have already been fixed, triple-checking to make sure my desk is stocked properly. It’s that I can’t leave things well enough alone. I’m restless to a fault. I’ll start something, get 99% done, and walk away. But when the deadline looms, I force myself to finish it.

I have walked away from books for years, left it sitting on my shelf, turned around and devoured it in a day or two. For some reason, I am possessed at that exact moment to find out how it ends. It took me YEARS to even crack open “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” I read the book in a week before I went to see Part 1 in the theater. I saw Part 2 with my best friends a few months later. It was more of a decisive fangirl stand: by reading the final book, it would mean the series was over. I couldn’t justify reading it, especially since the movie series was ending.

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