I want to take three months off to…

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travel. Ideally, I would travel within the United States but I feel like I have my whole life to discover my country. I think I’d want to get completely out of my comfort zone, finally get my passport and book it for England. I’d do the cheesy tourist thing but then I’d go off and do my own thing. Like stalk the Doctor Who set in Cardiff.

Of course, I could also do the ancestral route. My dad did some heavy-duty genealogical research on his mother’s side last year. The things we learned were amazing. Her grandparents’ ancestral home is Württemberg, Germany (paternally) and Bordeaux, France (maternally). Great Great Grandpa Frederick was a FOB from Germany (came through Ellis Island!!), but Great Great Grandma Mary was technically French Canadian. They settled in Michigan after GGG Fred fought in the Civil War. They had six boys, and 2 girls (I think). Among the boys was my Great Grandpa Burton, who was a merchant Marine and ended up in the Philippines, settling there and getting with Lola Emilia. Lola Emilia helped raise my dad and his siblings, as Grandma Maggie and Grandpa Tony never married.

I was a pretty smart kid. I remember Grandma showing me a picture of her dad, his brothers, and GG Grandpa Frederick. Dad pointed out Frederick – who was wearing his sheriff’s badge in the photo. I squinted real hard, glanced at Grandma, and pointed right at GG Burton without a clue. She was shocked how quickly I picked him out. And Dad goes, “see, she’s the smart one.” haha.

I think the saddest thing about that we learned about our family is that to try to keep Grandpa Tony away from Grandma Maggie, her family put her in a convent for a year! It didn’t help obviously, otherwise, I wouldn’t have been born. At least in this present state, haha. Apparently GG Burton thought Grandpa Tony was too dark. Which is kinda weird because Lola Emilia was pretty dark-skinned herself. I guess it was okay for him, but it wasn’t okay for his mestisa daughter to be with a dark-skinned Pinoy.

I always thought that putting someone in the convent was hilarious to read about, but like many racist jokes, it’s only okay when it happens to other people. To realize that it actually was a legit threat that people in the old days carried out really burns me up.

As it should.

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