What do you do with all of the things you write about?

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I don’t like how this question is worded! Just kidding.

I started writing heavily in high school, to deal with all the emotional trauma that puberty put me through. So everything I wrote back then I actually still have after all these years. They’re in a special blue folder with a fake leathery cover. It’s fun to go back and read how twisted I saw the world in high school sometimes. I was a messed up kid! I held back in real life like mad, but boy did I let my pen do the talking.

I still have my old diaries from middle school and high school too. I have a whole box of stuff I’ve collected over the years that I can’t get rid of, and a lot of it is stuff I’ve done creatively. Everything that could eventually be material history to our future historians: letters, photographs, yearbooks, poems, trinkets, etc. Ideally, I want to upgrade the box to a hope chest of some sort, and add more to it. I filled the box up until I moved from Modesto to Las Vegas, so it’s almost 30 years of “The Guilliean Show” in there. It needs room to grow.

I keep my works-in-progress in a folder titled “My eBooks” which was one of the default folders in Windows XP. I simply haven’t bothered to rename it. It kind of encompasses everything anyways, so I’ve left it alone. Truth be told, not everything in there are works-in-progress. There are unpublished short stories, screenplay ideas, bursts of scenes for unwritten stories that have outlines, half-finished novels, and all that fun stuff. I link it up to SugarSync, so my iPhone, my netbook (in case I ever find myself running around and wanting to pound out some ideas), and desktop computers are all linked.

Anything I’ve written recreationally (like blogs in different forms) have been online in some form of another since 2002. Although most of those pieces exist on this website to some degree or another. I used to do it for the feedback but now I write for me. If there’s an audience, they’re invisible!

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