You are 20 years in the future. Write a letter to your today self.

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Dear Guilliean,

Can you believe that twenty years ago today you were a different person? You were 28 going on 29, and you were the only sibling left standing at Mom and Dad’s house in Vegas. You had a college degree but you weren’t particularly doing anything English-related. You had pieces in the repertoire, the stuff you posted online, but nothing officially published. Your one passion in life was to write, ever since you were born.

Now you’re a successful author and part-time businesswoman, with a beautiful husband and whipsmart kids (just like you were at that age), everything you swore you would have someday.

It just took you longer than usual to accomplish it. I am very proud that you did things the way that you wanted to, and never let society dictate what was expected of you. It was a long road. You were under the thumb of a lot of anxiety issues, and that prevented you from realizing your full potential. Until one day, you took that bold step in the right direction. It took you 28 years to realize that all you need in the world is the clothes on your back and the smile on your face… and you did it.

I hope the next 20 years will be even more amazing for you. Bonne chance!


Yay! Two days in a row. Go me!

I really really really need to kick these allergies. I am generally a healthy person. I haven’t had a real cold or flu in years. I exercise sporadically, I stay hydrated because I have to, haha. My diet is pretty good. I don’t drink soda unless there’s nothing else to drink. I’ve cut all fast food from my diet – except for pizza. I cannot LIVE without pizza once a month. It’s my one fast food splurge. The only junk food I won’t give up is sour cream & onion chips and cookies ‘n’ cream. I need that once a month too… if you get what I’m saying. Otherwise, it’s good food: sandwiches, soup, vegetables, healthy TV dinners for lunch, etc. I have never broken a bone (knock on wood), even if I am klutzy.

But every allergy season, without fail, I am dying because my sinuses are so irritated. I can’t breathe because it burns. I hug my humidifier at night, buy stock in Kleenex, mainline every allergy medicine and decongestant on the market, drink even more water and juice and ride it out, but I’m tired of it. I hope I can find something in California soon. I need that humidity to keep my allergies in check. I can’t live another year in this town at the cost of the only debilitating health issue in my life. I can’t.

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