Name any life changing books you’ve read.

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“On the Road” by Jack Kerouac: The world is a big place but I also know that I haven’t seen enough of America to want to see the world. I’ve always wanted to travel and ball around America, and live by the seat of my pants. The drug use is so not my thing so I could without that, haha.

The Baby-Sitters’ Club series by Ann Martin: I always wanted friends like the BSC. People who would come together, run a business, and deal with the issues from growing up. I was such an awkward kid. I could never go of my anxiety to enjoy being a kid and letting my friends into my heart like that. Plus, after growing up lower middle class, we had enough to survive, but nothing extra for all the fun things. I always had it in my head that if I worked myself, I could pay for all the fun things that Mom and Dad couldn’t. So I’ve been hustling since I was in elementary school!

The Fear Street series by RL Stine: I couldn’t believe that 1 whole street in a creepy old town could hold so much horror. I would check them out constantly. So much so that my high school librarian came to know my face and just handed the books over to me when a new book came in!

The Harry Potter series by JK Rowling: naturally. Does this even need an explanation? She inspired all of us that magic was bubbling under all of us. We just had to believe it, and seize it.

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