10 things I’d like to learn

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  1. I’d like to cook a specific cuisine. I’m well-versed in American and Filipino ways of cooking. Maybe French? Or Greek? Something random and so out of my comfort zone like that.
  2. I’d like to learn ballroom dancing. The problem is finding someone who would do it with me.
  3. I want to learn how to be a better friend. I tend to push people away when they anger me. Which is often. XD
  4. I want to learn how to drive manual. I don’t have a manual transmission but I think when the zombies attack I’m gonna need wheels, and those wheels are inevitably going to be a stick shift.
  5. Along with my zombie preparedness plan, I want to learn how to shoot a gun.
  6. I want to learn to write music. Not necessarily to be a musician but I know I can write songs. Why shouldn’t I write music too? I think it’d be fun.
  7. I want to learn how to tie a Windsor knot but for someone else. Because when you tie a tie you tend to want to do it on yourself.
  8. I want to learn what it’s like to live by myself. I did it for about a week and a half when my parents were out of town but I knew they were coming back so it wasn’t too bad.
  9. I want to learn a martial art. In keeping with my heritage, definitely eskrima.
  10. I’d like to learn patience. I absolutely cannot stand it when people annoy me, and then I can feel myself getting irritated and my impatient voice and body language come out. I’d really like to just recognize the signs and react positively, rather than negatively.

I think this goes with the NaBloPoMo theme this month. You should try this one yourself. It’s hard to find 10 things to list. I also tried to explain why I chose these particular ones. I cheated and Googled it to see what other people chose, and a lot of that stuff I already know.

There were things that people want to learn but I don’t necessarily want to. Like juggling. It seems like fun (I’m pretty wicked at it on Wii Fit Plus, haha). But I have such a bad case of undiagnosed ADD I would be juggling things left and right. I have a hard time standing still. I’m always fidgeting, moving things around. If I stop moving, I might as well go to sleep. If I learned how to juggle, I’d get into trouble for finding an excuse to juggle something.

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