What are my goals for the next quarter, year and five years?

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This is sort of a loaded question because I am tired of planning for the future and it never coming to fruition. I keep making plans, something happens in the present (either personal or professional), and ultimately, I have to change those best-laid plans. It angers me when it happens too because those are lost opportunities that may never come back again.

However, that is not the point of the question, I am merely saying what usually happens. See how negative I sound? I don’t know, sometimes I feel like giving up but then there’s that voice that says “you can do it.” Those are some magic words especially when they come from inside. I have to be positive, even when I’m in that funk.

I would say my goal for the next quarter is to stay on the good ship S.S. Pay Your Bills. December was a really bad time for me. I am going to use my tax return to pay off some of the smaller bills so then I can focus solely on the big ones in the new year, and start chipping away at those. I’ve never actually socked away my tax return, that’s how silly I got with credit. I am hoping because of the hours I worked this past year it will be generous this year. Cross your fingers for me!

For this year I would say that I would like to find a new position, but I am content to simply stay the course. I am such a workaholic that I will go where the work is. If they offer overtime, I am the first one to reply. I am always ready for new professional challenges that may present themselves to me. I am also going to try and start marketing my brand (creative writer & photographer) much more. I feel like that is an opportunity I need to exploit. Plus I need something fun on the side to temper the workaholic in me that is so unhappy. Of course we may get blitzed by things at work so that I might not even get very far with marketing but at least I will have tried.

In five years I hope to have opened Happily Ever After Teas at some point. I hope that my personal life will have changed significantly as well (not going into details on here, given the topic of the overall site).

Ideally, in five years, I hope to be in a position that will have brought me back to California. I miss it so much, not only emotionally but health-wise. No matter where I go – home to my friends and family in Northern California or visiting Disneyland – my allergies miraculously go away. I know it is because of the humidity. I will never live in an area this dry again if an opportunity arises and I can leave. I loathe having to spend money on Allegra, saline spray, eye drops, Vaseline for my nose, and drinking copious amounts of water, and sometimes that doesn’t even help. It’s just a Band-Aid. Ultimately I need to be in a place where it’s humid, and I have absolutely no qualms about picking up and going at the drop of a hat. I also know my friends and family would put me up in a heartbeat if I told them I was returning.

Here’s to hoping 2012 opens new doors for me.

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