What do I value most?

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As this question was asked by a career website, most of the viewpoints will be from a professional point of view.

I value honesty. I don’t like double-talk, or people agreeing with me only to shut me up. I don’t like people who know more than I do but make me feel like an idiot.

I value people who will back me up when it doesn’t look like I’m right at that moment but I totally am. This usually happens when I can’t quite figure out how to convey the solution to someone else but that person trusts me so much that they are willing to put themselves on the line to back me up unconditionally.

I don’t like anyone throwing me to the sharks without as much training as humanly possible or a quick heads-up so I can mentally prepare myself for the firefight.

I value someone who will help me solve a problem without redirecting me to find it on my own. I didn’t ask where to find it, I asked you because I knew you knew the answer right away. I can educate myself later. However, there is an issue that needs to be taken care of right now. You’re my only hope.

I value someone who listens, truly listens. Someone who doesn’t blast through what I am trying to say because I am struggling to find the right words. Someone who anticipates my moves and meets me on the up.

I value someone who will call me out on my bullshit but will help me to find a better way to take care of things.

I value a kind, sincere word or two. I’m not a number. I’m not a robot. I am a human being who would like to acknowledge occasionally. Is that so hard to ask?

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